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Signature Wax Warmer in Watercolor

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The user-friendly design and features are just part of the reason Happy Wax® customer Anthony says, “This is hands-down the best wax melter I’ve ever used.” Our Signature Warmer’s blends seamlessly into your home’s décor; this is one wax warmer you will want to display proudly. Designed to warm scented wax, gently releasing your favorite fragrances into the air.
Integrated 3-6-9 hour timer: With settings for 3, 6, and 9 hours, our integrated timer feature allows you to easily manage the duration of your fragrance delivery.
Patent-pending silicone dish: Flexible silicone allows you to remove used wax from your melter quickly and easily—wax pops right out of the dish, leaving it clean!
"No Bulb" melting: This elegant, ceramic wax warmer comes with a printed on design and features a built in ceramic heater. (Translation for veteran melters: no more replacing light bulbs!)
Rubberized anti-skid base: Place your melter safely and securely wherever you’d like without damaging surfaces in your home.
Warm Soft Glow: The steady glow from the built-in LED light strip illuminates the warmer and creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere.
Candle lovers, it's time to join the melt-olution! The Happy Wax Signature Wax Warmer provides a flame-free solution to bringing your favorite fragrances throughout your home. Our Signature Wax Warmer features a sleek, modern design, glossy ceramic finish, a 3-6-9 hour timer, and our “No-Scrape” Silicone melting dish. Combine with our scented wax melts, made with all natural soy wax melts, infused with essential oils for a home fragrance you won’t find anywhere else! Our Happy Wax Signature Wax Melt Warmer is compatible with all scented wax melts, cubes, and tarts. A built in ceramic heater melts the wax in the tray, gently releasing your favorite fragrances into the air.  Ready to go out of the box, our Signature Wax Warmer includes our removable easy-clean silicone melting dish. Simply “pop” used wax right out to change fragrances! Measures 8.8 x 5.7 x 5.6 inches, equipped with a 3 ft. long, 2 prong power cord.
Signature Warmer Features:  

"No-Scrape" Silicone Wax Melt Dish
Integrated 3-6-9 Hour Timer
3 ft long, 2 prong power cord



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